Bonèmo Jack

Set in a world divided by the power of the Seafarer's Tomes, Bonèmo (bon-eh-mo) Jack and his trusty sidekick, Dud, set sail to save the world.



Bonèmo Jack

He's a lovable, courageous, slightly aloof little sea explorer with a big heart, and an even bigger appetite for adventure, and BBQ ribs..

Jack comes from a long line of prestigeous sea captains, pioneers, bounty hunters and the like bound to protect a series of ancient books called, "The Forgotten Tomes".

But as a bit of a wild child, Bonèmo hasn't had much luck living up to his family's name.

Recently, a group of evil tycoons controlled by his long lost friend, Geronèmo Black, have stolen the Tomes Bonèmo's family is bound to protect. Now it's up to Bonèmo to save the ancient books and prove once and for all he's truly a worthy Jack.



This little guy comes from a species that blow up when they're angry, hungry, bored, or just at anything at all.

Dud has always been an odd ball though, never learning how to explode, or to be anything other than a happy-go-lucky nuisance, leaving him as an outcast to his fellow kind.

He's a little needy, mostly annoying, but irresistibly cute, making him the perfect sidekick for Bonèmo and the journey they'll face together.


Bonèmo Jack

Sir Ernest Shackletusk

Fed up with his mundane day job as a dock worker in Carpo Quarters, Sir Ernest Shackletusk has joined forces with Geronèmo to take control of the Tomes and finally get the fame he's always dreamt of.

Shackletusk's only weaknesses include sappy dramatic movies, and showers.

With a bad attitude, mean mug and unmistakably potent stench, Sir Ernest Shackletusk is buckled down to destroy Bonèmo and foil his heroic journey.

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